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Dr Millar says,"I've been in the healing business for 18 years. I've never seen results like this before." I feel like we can offer our patients hope again. Hope in the form of pain relief from many chronic pain and inflammation problems."  

Conditions like Diabetic Neuropathy, Chemo Neuropathy or Peripheral Neuropathy all with or without Restless Leg Syndrome have great success with the Cutting Edge MLS M6 Robotic Laser and the LAR Protocol. Traditional allopathic (regular) medicine seems to be challenged by these conditions. Perhaps its time to look for another solution. Also conditions like Failed Back Surgery with or without rods, plates and screws enjoy great success with laser treatment. The answer is not another surgery in most cases. Time to try a new approach.  

​ "This technology is so new that it is NOT covered in Alabama by Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Medicare or any other State or Federal Insurance. Dr Millar went on to say, "But remember, what are you paying in co-pays each month and out of pocket to take all those drugs that may or may not treat your pain or symptoms and have numerous side effects. Have you not heard the commercials, half the commercial is about side effects," So why not give us a try. 

Before going to Chiropractic college Dr Millar was an electrical engineer. He now brings that engineering training forward by combining the engineer training with the medical/chiropractic training.  While studying lasers, their types, applications, wavelengths, energy output and techniques, Dr Millar was struck at how much engineering is needed.  "As this is NOT cookie cutter and just turn it on, one size laser beam does not fit all" said Dr Millar.  Therefore, he has assembled a variety of Lasers, light therapy and  for the Laser Pain Center Huntsville to treat a variety of problems. They include:

  1. 25 watt peak power Cutting Edge MLS M6 Robotic Laser with multi lasers system/multi frequency
  2. 60 watt  Class IV superpulsed multi wavelength laser
  3. 3.3 watt  Class IV pulsed/continuous multi frequency multi wavelength laser 
  4. 1.1 watt Class IV pulsed/continuous multi frequency laser 
  5. .5  watt  Class 3b continuous/pulsed laser (multi wavelength)
  6. 5m watt Class 3r laser
  7. 890nm LED Anodyne Therapy
  8. ReBuilder Medical Therapy for nerve pain 
  9. H-Wave for muscle pain 

    All this says that we have the Laser for your pain at the Laser Pain Center Huntsville.  

                                       What is the advantage of MLS laser therapy over traditional low-level lasers?
MLS Laser Therapy with the Cutting Edge M6 Robotic Laser is able to induce strong anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, and analgesic effects simultaneously and within a short period of time.  Other lasers cannot achieve these results because of the limitations of using one or two wavelengths that are not synchronized, according to the manufacture. The patented control system that generates the MLS pulse synchronizes the emissions to achieve results previously unattainable. Thanks to this characteristic synchronization, the various therapeutic effects not only take place at the same time but reciprocally reinforce each other. 

Free* Consultation
Every patient starts with a Free* Consultation. This is a 20-30 min or so meeting with our Doctors to discuss  your problem and determine if your problem is one that can be treated with the Cutting Edge MLS Robotic Laser by itself or used with our ReBuilder Therapy and/or Anodyne Therapy. This is a time for you to size us up and a time to us to talk about your problems and our possible solutions. 

Your next appointment lasting about an hour will be your examination. We will conduct one of the most thorough histories and examination you probably have ever had. (That's what our patients say.)  This will include homework for you to complete at home and bring back your next visit.  We may need x-ray or MRI's or nerve studies.  If so, he will order these from any local hospital or facility you choose. Your Examination visit and your next visit, the Report of Finding visit, together cost $100 and does not include any x-rays or imaging, NCV/EMG nerve testing or outside test that you pay others. 

Testing (Imaging, Lab Test, NCV/EMG nerve test, Other Test)
Your condition may require us to order Imaging, Lab Test and Other Test to try to differently diagnosis your condition. This is not covered in the $100 exam fee. Further your insurance may pay for some of this testing. 

Report of Findings
Next will come the Report of Finding visit. At this visit Dr Millar will go over the results of his history, examination, imaging and studies. He will develop and present to you a "care plan" (what he will do to treat your specific problem); a "treatment plan" (how often you will come in for treatment); specific "goals" (what each of you expect to accomplish with your treatment within a specific time frame.) Then our Doctors will present the treatment cost or "financial plan." (what it will cost) 

Treatment Plans
Treatment plans vary with conditions and their severity. Acute problems like muscle strains and sprains may resolve with 3-6 visits. More chronic problems take longer. For most chronic conditions such as arthritis you can expect 10-12 visits. Some chronic conditions such as neuropathy can take up to 24 or more visits. Dr Millar says, "It's impossible for us to tell you have many treatments you're going to need before I do a history and examination of you and your specific condition." If we think that treatment of your condition will take longer than 12 visits then we will suggest a 12 visit trial. If by the end of 12 visits, your condition is improving then a continuation of treatment is indicated otherwise treatment will cease. 

This Laser and light therapy is so new and cutting edge that it is not covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Medicare, Tricare or any other State or Federal Insurance. For acute problems we charge around $65 per visit for laser only with no other therapies. For chronic problems such Neuropathy where Laser along with other therapies such as ReBuilder and/or Anodyne is indicated then we charge between $100 and $125 per visit (depending on what we do) and that includes all your therapy. Many of our patients tell us that the cost is less than many of their co-pays for the medications they get to come off of. Many Laser centers around the country are charging $175-$200 per visit for Cutting Edge MLS M6 Robotic Laser treatment and therapies. We will provide you with superbill documentation of visits and payments for your records if requested. 

Maintenance Plans
It is reasonable to assume that you will need some maintenance care. We charge only $65 for all maintenance treatments. Its reasonable to assume that some conditions may require ongoing maintenance treatments to maintain symptom relief other conditions don't require any ongoing maintenance. Like the common cold many things in medicine are treatable but not necessarily curable.  But, if you can alleviate the symptoms without drugs or surgery then Wow.  Dr Millar says, I've alway told my patients this about maintenance plans, "You be in charge. As long as you're getting benefit you come as you feel necessary. This is Your body. I work for YOU."  

Results do vary. Nothing works for everyone and we make no promises. But, we are seeing pain reduction results in the +-85% range for acute strains and sprains. Now if its is a full thickness tear then of course shining a laser on the tear is not going to fix it.  For many chronic conditions we are seeing results in the +-80% range.  For severe chronic conditions such as neuropathy we are seeing results in the +-70/75% range.  These percentages are only estimates based on our seeing patients. Your results may be better or worse depending on your condition, severity and duration and many more variables.  It is for this reason that we can not make you any promises as to your results. For chronic conditions we like to start with a trial of up to 12 visits. If your improving after 12 visit then continue if not then stop treatment.    

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“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, and in the cause and prevention of disease. ~ ”

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