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Dr Helen Stoddart, MD

Dr. Helen Stoddart, MD is a Johns Hopkins trained physician having completed a 5 year double residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Internal Medicine. She then trained in interventional pain management. She is Medical Director for Neuropathy Laser Center Huntsville as well as maintaining her own practice at Pain to Wellness in Madison AL. She began her career at Oakwood University right here in Huntsville where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry. She further pursued her interest in health and the inner workings of the human body by acquiring a master of Science Degree in Anatomy from Howard University in Washington, DC. Continuing on at the Howard University School of Medicine, she graduated with honors in the top 5% of her class.

Dr. Stoddart’s love and passion for understanding the structure, functions and interaction of the human body that diverge to either cause disease or to maintain health led her to continue her training with a residency at the Johns Hopkins and Sinai Hospital Program in Baltimore, MD. She was one of only two students accepted each year into the five-year Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Internal Medicine combined residency program at the prestigious university. She advanced her education through fellowship training in Non-Surgical Orthopedics. She has been using lasers for 6 years.

Dr. Stoddart uses an integrated approach to patient care that involves both traditional and alternative measure to treat her areas of specialization: neuropathy, herniated and bulging disc problems, extremity nerve problems, stenosis, degenerative disc disease to ensure optimal health. Dr. Stoddart is a preferred provider for BCBS and accepts Medicare.

Dr. Stoddart does all the blood work and nerve conduction testing if necessary. Most of the testing is covered by BCBS or Medicare. There are over 100 things that cause neuropathy. Many neuropathies are complex problems involving more than one axis or cause for example a diabetic with kidney problems and renal failure along with high cholesterol on statin drugs with PAD peripheral artery disease. Dr. Stoddart evaluates and treats the metabolic and systemic (whole body) causes of neuropathy. She then coordinates the MLS Laser treatment and Neuro Electostimulation with Dr. Millar. Dr. Stoddart then manages the case as Medical Director.